Tresor Paris Review

Jewellery is like the perfect spice, it always complements what’s already there. – Diane Von Furstenberg

Jewellery is also like the icing on a cake to most outfits. The right jewellery can make a dull outfit come to life.

I had the privilege recently to review a jewellery brand I came across- Tresor Paris.

What is Tresor Paris?

Tresor Paris is a luxury jewellery brand that is renowned for their expertise in diamond and also their more affordable (but equally beautiful) crystal range.  Their designs are contemporary, luxurious and ooze with elegance.

I have chosen a few of my favourite pieces from their different collections to share with you.

The Floating Locket

The floating locket is from their new Elixir collection. I have a love for rose gold jewellery and this youthful design puts a twist on the traditional lockets. This locket comes with small crystals and you can customise it with different charms. This makes a very special personalised gift for friends or family!

This locket comes in different sizes, shapes and colours. I have chosen a “H” (for Hannah) inside mine.

Round 20mm Essence floating locket with crystals in Rose gold colour

Letter H Locket Charm with white crystals in rose gold colour

The Silver & Crystal Pendant

I chose this piece as I have a lot of formal occasions to attend to next year. This beautiful little pendant has just the right amount sparkle and class! Made out of crystal but shines like a diamond, I can see us becoming best friends.

This comes from the Royale collection and I feel like a royalty just wearing it!

The Silver & Crystal Ring

This elegant curved ring matches the crystal necklace perfectly! It actually goes very well with my engagement ring and makes me regret not picking a design like that as my wedding ring!



I love the collections they have at Tresor Paris and I don’t think it’ll be long before I go back for more! I think their jewelleries make great gifts for your loved ones. Their jewelleries are well made and polished, yet affordable.

The only area I think they could improve on is perhaps their packaging. I think the design and the material of their boxes could be improved to give it a classier feel.

You can find them online HERE or at their shop:

7 Greville St

Hatton Garden



020 3355 4031


What do you think of Tresor Paris ?

**Disclaimer-  I was gifted these jewelleries by Tresor Paris in exchange for my honest and non-bias review**

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