How To Plan Your Dream Honeymoon

Helicopter ride over Waikiki beach, Honolulu


You fall in love, you get engaged, you plan your wedding and you are dreaming about your perfect honeymoon….

That was me 3 years ago. Before we even started thinking about sort of wedding we wanted, we were already discussing about the honeymoon!

If you are newly engaged and planning your honeymoon, we are going to tell you how!


Where did we go? 



As Christians, we were committed to not go on holiday by ourselves before we got married. This meant that our honeymoon was the first holiday we would go on together by ourselves. We waiting patiently throughout our relationship because we know that God had something amazing in store for us if waited.

We wanted to go all out for our honeymoon and we spent an amazing 14 blessed days in the beautiful Hawaii!


How did we decide?


Diamond Head, Hawaii


When we first got engaged, I (Hannah) signed up to various bridal websites. One day, I received a phone call from a travel agent at Holidays Please asking me about my ideal honeymoon.

So I gave her a list of requirements. Beach, sun, warmth, culture, nature, adventures, good food etc.

She asked if I had ever considered Hawaii. I remember saying these exact words to her,

“Hawaii would be our dream destination but there is no way we can afford that!”

She then said….

“Tell me your budget and I’ll sort something out.”

Not long after that, I received another call from Holidays Please with a detailed 2 week plan for our honeymoon in Hawaii! It included flights, hotel stays, transfer flights between 2 islands and it all fitted within our budget.


How was it?


Sunrise at Haleakala National Park
One of many amazing waterfalls in Hawaii


It was perfect! I always thought Hawaii was a mystical place that you only see in films or cartoons (think Lilo and Stitch anyone). I didn’t fully believe it was a real place until we got there!

It was truly the best way to start our marriage. We had the best time enjoying nature, food, shopping, relaxing, hiking etc. Everything we loved, Hawaii had it all.

Our honeymoon was more than perfect thanks to Holidays Please. We had our rooms upgraded in both hotels and we were so pleased that we didn’t have to put much effort into organising and booking this honeymoon.


Do you want your dream honeymoon? 


Waikiki beach


So the secret to planning our prefect honeymoon is Holidays Please! Apart from telling them what we wanted, we didn’t actually want to plan much else!

Few weeks before we travelled, we were sent our tickets, itinerary and hotel vouchers through the post.

We loved the service provided by Holidays Please so much that we booked our 1st anniversary trip to Kenya with them as well!

They also have a reward system where you collect points from your trips and you can use that to exchange for travel gears or free tickets to attractions. We received a free action camera with all our points! Their staff are dedicated and very knowledgeable and will do anything to make sure your package fits your needs.

Have a look at their honeymoon recommendations to get inspired now. Be ready for some serious stress-free honeymoon planning!

Share with us your honeymoon destination or your dream destination!


**Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links, which means we get  commission if you book with Holiday Pleases through our links, at no cost to you. All opinions and photos are our own**

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