Facelift Without Surgery (Free Facial Giveaway!)

When age catches up with you and your skin is responding to the stresses of life, sometimes you just want a quick fix. While cosmetic surgery is the go-to method for some, there are other less invasive and less expensive methods.

Today, I am going to tell you how to get a facelift without cosmetic surgery! Find out how you can win one for yourself at the end of the post!

Japanese Facial Massage

I discovered Japanese Facial Massage at Skin Aspirations recently, and what a discovery it was! Japanese Facial Massage is a bespoke treatment designed to rejuvenate the face. This massage can slow down the ageing process, improves the appearance of skin, reduce eye bags and wrinkles. It basically can do everything a facelift can without the price tag!

Please note that the Japanese Facial Massage is not suitable for:

  • Skin with acne
  • Skin with psoriasis
  • Other skin diseases in the face
  • Recent facial scars, surgery, cuts or inflammation
  • Avoid if you had botox injection in the last 30 days

Skin Aspiration

I love a good massage but I rarely treat myself to one. I was delighted when Simona from Skin Aspirations invited me to try out their new Japanese Facial Massage!

Skin Aspirations is located in a very affluent part of town, in the heart of Chelsea. It is easily accessible by underground and it is only a few minute walk from South Kensington Station. Their treatment room can be found on the top floor of 106 Draycott Avenue.


On Arrival

My appointment was at 2pm and Simona welcomed me in for a quick consultation. I was offered a glass of water and a robe to change into.

The Massage

The massage began with some legs and arms stretches as well as warm towels on my face. Within 5 minutes, I was already fully relaxed from head to toe!

During the actual face massage, I was so relaxed that I actually fell asleep which has never ever happened to me before! The massage lasted the whole hour so you really get your money’s worth!

What I loved

  • I loved the way the room was decorated. The design was minimalist and elegant.
  • Simona obviously knew what she was doing, she is very skilful and she would do everything she can to make sure you are relaxed
  • Japanese Facial Massage has now become my favourite type of massage! I have never ever fallen asleep in another massage before!

The Result

The Japanese Facial Massage was the best way to destress and treat my skin at the same time. My skin had been suffering a lot as a result of the weather and my face had become dry, lifeless and flaky (not a very nice combination).

After the massage, my face felt fed and rejuvenated. I kept touching my face for the rest of the day to feel how smooth and firm my skin was!

I highly recommend this massage and Skin Aspirations!


Would you like to give this amazing massage a try? Know someone who deserves a little relaxing treat? Then you would be glad to know that we have partnered up with Skin Aspirations to give away ONE FREE Japanese Facial Massage (60mins)!

How To Enter

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Competition is opened to UK residence only. Winner will be announced and contacted on the 1st Nov 2017. One random winner will be selected. Winner must contact Skin Aspirations to make an appointment to claim their free massage.




**Disclaimer: I was invited to try the Japanese Facial Massage by Skin Aspiration but all photos and opinions are my own**

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