How To Dress For Winter Travel

When you think about holidays, you tend to think about being somewhere warm and perhaps sunny. Rarely do people travel to cold places in the winter.

Travelling in the winter can be just as amazing and much more affordable. This winter, we ventured out to Iceland and Milan. The scenery in Iceland in the cold is absolutely stunning and Milan in the cold just feels more romantic!

Packing for winter travel is more difficult than summer travel and we want to share some tips we learnt from our last few trips.

Layers Layers Layers

The more layers you wear, the more air gets trapped in between your clothes, the warmer you are. The trapped layer of air acts as an insulator. You can always op for thermal under-layers to reduce the amount of layers you have to put on. Uniqlo has a large selection in their HeatTech clothing and you should be able to find anything you need from there.

Wearing multiple thin layers is more effective in keeping you warm than a single thick layer. Plus, they take up much less space in your suitcase.


Pick The Right Coat

The outer layer is no doubt very important. Traveling in the winter can mean unpredictable weather and a sturdy, wind and rain proofed jacket is advisable for places like Iceland.

We both wore Cintamani coats on our Iceland trip. Cintamani is an Icelandic brand and they understand the climate in Iceland and therefore are the best people to produce the perfect clothes for Iceland.

If you are care able taking photos or Instagram, you might want an outer coat that actually looks good in photos! Think about it, all the photos you will take on that trip will probably feature that coat, so pick wisely!

For Milan, I purchased a second hand faux fur coat that not only kept me warm but added texture to all my photos. It also helped me feel more fashionable than I really am.

Another coat I would recommend for winter travel is this Apricot Hooded Batwing Long Sleeve Loose Coat from Shein. This cosy, over-sized coat will give you the warmth that you need and you look cute in photos, like a sheep!

Shop the coat HERE



When we travel, we try to minimise the amount of shoes we bring. When it comes to winter, we much prefer boots to shoes. A pair of fur lined hiking boots is essential for Iceland.

For other less icy/snowy destinations, pick a pair of boots that will go with every outfit and ideally waterproof. Also, make sure they are comfortable to walk in.


Hats, scarves and gloves are items you should never leave without when travelling in winter. You lose a lot of heat through your head and a hat can keep your whole body, as well as your ears, warm.

Powder had been my favourite shop this winter when it comes to shopping for accessories. They also come in the prettiest packaging which means they make the perfect gift!


Don’t be afraid to travel in the winter! You will be cold anyway so you might as well be cold somewhere new!

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