Christmas At Covent Garden

Today, we are taking you to Covent Garden in London. It is all pretty and lit up and if you haven’t been before during this time of you, you should!

You can view our Christmas In London post from last year to compare the decorations!

We took a little walk around Covent Garden with our friend Tiffany. She is young and so very talented! We had a lot of fun doing this shoot despite the freezing weather. You can see more of her work HERE.

I wore my first ever faux fur coat from SHEIN for a bit of glam and matched it with the sleek black Vivienne Westwood Kensington Ceramic Watch from House of Watches (

My pink faux fur coat looks expensive and glamorous but it doesn’t break the bank. It is only £25.92 and the quality is top notch.

This Vivienne Westwood Watch is stylish and luxurious. It is the perfect watch for everyday wear with a hint of attitude and I love the ceramic black and rose gold platting.

Do you like Graham’s denim jacket? I picked it out for him as his early Christmas present and he keeps getting compliments from strangers! I love this jacket so much I actually borrow it sometimes…!

We had so much fun to have someone follow us around to take photos of us! So much better than setting up a tripod! Thank you Tiffany for making us look all cute and Christmasy!



Faux Fur Coat

Vivienne Westwood Watch

Demin Jacket 

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