The Best Christmas Gift Idea- Naipo Massager Review

Christmas is right around the corner! Which means the inevitable present-buying is coming too…

Since we got married, Christmas gifts for each other are no longer our priority. We are just happy and grateful that we get to spend our Christmas’ together. We rather spend more money on gifts for our families as a way of saying thank you for their love and support.

2 years ago, for our first Christmas together as husband and wife, we decided buy something that we can both share. We got ourselves a massage seat pad! It’s a great piece of machinery but because it is so big, it doesn’t get into the neck and shoulders properly.

We had been dreaming of a neck massager for a while now….

This year, Christmas came early for us! We were sent a Shoulder Massager by Naipo to try out! It was as if they read our Christmas wish list!


Sitting at the desk all day can really take a toll on your body. We are no strangers to neck and shoulder pain from bad posture and stress. The Naipo Neck and Shoulder Massager with heat function is the perfect way to unwind after a hard day of work.


  • 8 Shiatsu massage nodes that work together to knead those stiff muscles
  • Ergonomic U-shape design that fits the neck, shoulder, back and legs perfectly
  • There is a heat function to sooth those aching muscles. It can heat up to 40C. It also has an overhear protection function that switches off after 20 minutes of use
  • The massager rotates clockwise and anticlockwise. It changes direction automatically every minute
  • It comes with strap handles for your arms so you can adjust the pressure easily
  • It comes with a car adaptor so you can use it in the car for those long journeys! Probably best not to use it while driving though…


You can’t fault this machine! Honestly, there is nothing bad you can say about a machine that massages you! One thing we feel is lacking is the option to change the speed and intensity of the rotating nodes.

We love that we are able to focus the massage on certain areas and be able to adjust the pressure ourselves. This massager is so versatile and it can be used all over the body. It’s great to be able to control the pressure as well.

They only problem we encounter was that a power adaptor was not sent to us and we had no way to power it apart from using the cap adaptor cable… I hope that this doesn’t happen to anyone else as it will ruin the present receiving experience for sure.

This is perfect Christmas gift for parents, partners, grandparents and friends. I can’t imagine anyone not being delighted to receive this! The price is very reasonable and you can also get 16% off using the code 5FGVWXGE when you buy HERE.

To make things more perfect, Naipo is releasing a special limited Christmas edition of the massager soon! So keep your eyes peeled.


SHOP HERE and get 16% off using the code 5FGVWXGE





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