TEP Wireless Review (With Discount Code!)


Are you one of those people who would purposely look out for the “WiFi” sign before choosing a restaurant when abroad? Do you love sharing those little moments when you’re away with your loved ones? Do you hate getting lost and not being able to use Google Maps?

Then keep reading! We are going to tell how we gain constant internet access while we travel without racking up a massive bill on roaming charges.

TEP Wireless

The answer is this….


Meet Teppy!

This beautiful handheld device provides wireless internet WHEREVER you are. It acts as a WiFi hotspot but it sits comfortably in your pocket.  There is no data limit and you can avoid nasty roaming charges most mobile phone carriers have.

It comes in this handy little pouch
Inside the pouch: Teppy device, instructions, charger

Teppy is available to rent or to purchase if you are a frequency traveler like us. The best thing is, you can connect up to 5 devices which is perfect for group or family holidays.

If you purchase a Teppy, it comes with 5 free day passes (24 hours connection) and you can add additional day passes for £5/day. Remember, that cost is divided if you are sharing it between a group of people.

For renting, it is £7.95/day and you can arrange for the device to be posted to you or set up a pick up destination. When you return from your trip, you can post it back or arrange a drop off location, simple!

Our review of TEP Wireless:

We used it in our recent trip to Hong Kong and Philippines. We traveled with friends so we were able to provide them with WiFi too.

Look and feel: The device is so pretty and small so there was no problem carrying around with us all day.

Ease of use: It was super easy to use! You press the power button and just follow the instructions on screen. You will have WiFi within minutes of starting it up.

Battery life: It can last up to 8 hours while in use (20 hours on standby). The device is easily rechargeable. However, we did find that 8 hours is not quite long enough… and the device can take a long time to recharge.

Connection: We had no problem connecting to the internet with our phones and iPads in Hong Kong or the Philippines. Sometimes we preferred to use Teppy rather than our hotel WiFi because it was much quicker!

Overall score: 9/10 (We deducted one point for the short battery life, other than that, we can’t really find any faults with it! )

This device literally saved our lives twice on our recent trip. Once when our taxi driver got totally lost and the other time when we got separated from friends on a small island! I got sick and couldn’t walk around to find them but Teppy and Whatsapp saved me!


Use the link below to order yours now! Don’t forget to use the discount code “Chaus” to get an extra 10% off on rental or purchase.


*Disclaimer- Our Teppy was a gift from TEP Wireless but all comments, photos and opinions are our own*
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