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Sometimes, after a stressful day at work, you just need to sit and binge on your favourite TV shows!

TV binging has just gotten more exciting! Three is launching their Binge Club this month in time for the new season of Stranger Things!



Binge Club is an online community where viewers can come together to discuss their favourite shows. What’s better than TV binging? Being able to discuss in length with people who also love the show!



We have talked about how much we love Three before. We love being able to travel all over the world and still use our mobile data like we are at home.

Join Three now and we can both get a £25 Amazon voucher!

Another great reason to join Three is that they are offering their customers a free streaming service. You can now watch shows on your phone without using up any data. This means unlimited watching anytime, anywhere!

Three users are able to use apps like Netflix, TV Player, Deezer and Soundcloud as part of their #GoBinge offer.

Have a look at this tempting offer and be ready to end boring commutes with endless show streaming!

Find out more here:


What’s your favourite TV show to binge?


**Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post**



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